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The Various Types of Website Monetization

If you have a website of your own that attracts a reasonable number of visitors, you could consider turning the website into a money making venture. Website monetization is the process of earning money through your website or blog by taking advantage of the traffic your page attracts. By using various techniques, you will be able to transform a simple page into a money making venture. It is an extremely attractive option for a vast number of people due to extremely low capital requirements.

There are numerous ways of monetizing your website. You can advertise the services and products of a company or even sell products of your own. Marketing your website is not an extremely time consuming task and you can either do it yourself, or hire the services of a professional.

Here is a look at some popular methods of website monetization.

Banner ads

Banners are colorful images which are extremely effective at attracting the attention of visitors to your page. They are much larger than text ads since the idea is to get the attention of the reader. Whenever the ad is clicked by a visitor, you will get paid. These days, banners come in a variety of sizes and shapes. This allows you to be creative with their placement, without making your page look too crowded.

Pay per Click

Pay per click is by far one of the most common ways of website monetization and Google AdSense is an extremely popular PPC service. After registering with a firm that deals with pay per click advertising, you will be given links, buttons, etc. which you can use on your website. These links generate advertisements which are related to the content of your page. When visitors click on these ads, they are redirected to an external website. The provider will track the number of clicks that have been made, and pay you at a predetermined rate.

Pay per Impression

This type of website monetization is pretty similar to pay per click. Instead of earning revenue by getting visitors to click on an ad, you will be paid as long as people see the ad. For it to be effective, you have to make sure that you place the advertisement along with relevant text content. Every time the page is viewed, you will earn income.

Data monetization

Even if you don't have quality articles on your website or products and services to sell, you can still make money by generating information. For example, there are various utilities you can use, along with surveys and questionnaires, to catalog information about your visitors such as their demographics and preferences. This information can be sold to companies who are involved in internet marketing research.

Affiliate marketing

If your website has content which is related to the products of services of another firm, you could consider affiliate marketing. You act like a middleman and provide companies' access to potential buyers. You usually get paid a fixed commission, when sales are accomplished through your site.

Make sure that you do proper research before implementing a website monetization technique.

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